Find My Name In

The Alphabet Train

A Choice of Representative Image:


On the SHOP PAGE, you will find a selection of images with a range of hair/skin colours to represent your child. We will even add glasses (and colour them) if your child wears them. Just let us know! 










We have combined the fun of gorgeous illustrations, rhyme, phonics, alliteration, and personalisation to make this book a real winner ~ aimed at helping your child to become school-ready! 


Children are nine times more likely to engage in reading and learning if a book is personalised.  Your favourite little person's name is on every page! You can add your love in a dedication and choose a representative skin/hair colour image that your child can identify with. All the letters of the alphabet are here with the emphasis on phonics, as your child goes on an exciting journey to meet favourite animal characters in search of the letters in his/her name. A fantastic, thoughtful gift and recommended by nurseries for pre-school children.









A Keepsake!


Favourite characters in eye-popping colour. If you are looking for a GREAT GIFT, look no further!

How to Use Find My Name In The Alphabet Train


Use it as an alphabet teaching tool with a difference. Children love the sound of your voice. When you read out loud, children associate books with love and affection.


There is lots of content in this beautiful book ~ loads to keep your little one occupied. Read one or two letters at a time, giving your child time to pronounce the phonics, point at the pictures and chat about them and search for whether that particular letter is in his or her name.  If your child is impatient (as most children are) and wants to look at all the pages in one go, don't worry about the rhyme until later. Flick through the pages pronouncing only the phonics: F f f for Fox or D d d for Dog. When your child is older, read out the rhyme associated with the letters in the child's name. Add more letters when the child is ready! There are so many ways to use this book! Video coming soon!












Carefully-Chosen Font

We wanted to create a book for the gift market that was beautiful as well as being a useful learning tool. We searched until we found the exceptional Castledown font (used in this text) and developed by the Colophon Foundry in conjunction with Castledown Primary School. Not only does it look good, it is crystal clear AND dyslexic-friendly. And though we don't follow a dyslexic intervention programme, we try to include dyslexic readers by making sure text is always on beautifully coloured backgrounds.  SHOP








"A great book to share with FS2 and KS1. FS2 can look at initial sounds with all the related pictures, rhyme and alliteration and KS1 could really link it to some rich work to do with adjectives, adverbs and verbs. The options are endless."


Ready Steady










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Print and Environmental Policy


Books are Hardback. 60 pages. Printed on best quality 130gsm paper. Size: 8.25 square. As they are hand-made and print-on-demand, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.


Our Print-On-Demand Print Partner boasts a list of awards for its ethical, environmental practices:


The Digital Printer Awards 2015

East of England Business Champions 2015

ISO 14001 certification that has been achieved by less than 1% of UK businesses.


BS EN ISO 9001:2000

ISO 9001 certification; an internationally recognised standard which recognises that they are committed to an exceptional quality of service.


 FSC® and PEFC chain-of-custody


Investors in the Environment (IiE)


Breeam premises which reduces the embodies the operational environmental impact of building, including but not limited to the build itself, CO2 emmissions, location of transport links, thermal comfort and water usage.







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