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November 10, 2018

Even Manchester City finds its name in the Alphabet Train!
No need for any child to underachieve. Every child deserves the opportunity to realise their full potential, whatever that potential may be. Underachievement is not necessarily the result of low aspiration but a gap between what the child aspires to and a lack of necessary skills, knowledge or character.
Children as young as five have high aspirations with parents and grandparents being important role models. Younger children also draw on cartoon and story book characters, while older children often admire sportspeople. A strong early years education is the best grounding we can give, enabling our children to reach their future goals. 

Learning to read supports our children's aspirational journeys, whatever their futures may be.
Everyone begins somewhere, even our greatest football stars, ballerinas, scientists, doctors etc. All must master their various disciplines, learning the basic techniques of their craft on the pitch, in the studio or in the classroom.
Beginning at the beginning, and aiming for the stars, learning to read involves mastering the basics of phonics. This is why I have created an alphabet book where the rhyme is written in phonics. Each letter has its own personality and associated character. And for those of you who want to give a special gift, I created a personalised version. 
Children are nine times more likely to engage in reading and learning if a book is personalised. Your favourite little person's name is on every page! You can add your love in a dedication and choose a representative skin/hair colour image that your child can identify with. Reading opens up worlds of possibilities and helps your little ones gain the skills, knowledge and character to realise their aspirations. Why not visit our shop?
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